Online piano practice sessions your little ones will love

What better way to unlock your child’s passion for music and empower them to become true musicians.

Why String Soul?
Fun, interactive, and most importantly, easy.
Our 1-1 piano practice platform was designed to create a more focused and customised learning experience for aspiring musicians.
Our app allows budding pianists to learn and exercise new techniques from the comfort of their own home, any time of the day.
Whatever it takes to help students achieve their full potential

A+ interactive teaching methods supported by qualified & experienced tutors
Personalised 1-1 online learning at your fingertips
Real-time feedbacks & post-class assessments to enhance keyboard knowledge

Motivation to improve faster - redeem gifts with every milestone unlocked
Convenience of learning the piano anytime, anywhere
Live support team to assist you on your new musical journey

Innovative learning with the best tutors
Experience Our tutors have years of experience and most of them have taught children and teens before joining us.
music player
Background Each tutor possesses a strong musical background supported with relevant accolades and certificates.
Curation In-depth interviews and mock teaching assessments are used amongst a list of important criteria during the hiring process.
verified text paper
Systematic Training We use systematic training to prepare every tutor. This ensures that they are ready with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their coaching smoothly.
How to use
Register for a free trial online
Our friendly consultants will contact you to ask for general information about your children
The trial lesson will be conducted on a 1-to-1 basis with the tutor online
The String Soul promise
Refunds You may request a refund within the validity period if you are unsatisfied with the program and/or tutors.
Quality Service We uphold our promise to match the most suitable tutor to each student based on their personal attributes and other key determining factors.
Utmost Professionalism Our tutors will maintain a strict level of professionalism whilst conducting themselves appropriately at all times.
Our Mission
We want to make every practice count.
We want to create a safe space for confident artists to grow.
We want to spread the joy of playing music without compromising on the quality of lessons and tutors.